The Mneumonics, or MNIX, consist of 4 members all of whom are Bloomberg employees. Combined we have over 40 years of experience at the firm. As a band, we have done corporate events playing at venues such as the Nokia Theatre, Randalls Island, Bryant Park as well as our NYC Headquarters at 731 Lexington Ave.

David Oberacker joined Bloomberg more than 7 years ago. He continues his successful role as a Sales Relationship Manager. He fronted the band Seeking Homer for more than a decade before coming to Bloomberg. Seeking Homer’s music can be found on iTunes. Homer was formed at Fordham University where after graduation they continued to record and tour the United States. He continues to play acoustically as well throughout the Northeast.

Shawn Rudden has been at Bloomberg for over 16 years beginning in Sales of the Bloomberg Terminal and today manages strategic relationships in their Enterprise Content and Distibution business. He began his financial career at Smith Barney in 1992 before coming to Bloomberg in 1997. Over the years he has played bass and drums in various bands including Kung Fu Grip from 1998 through 2002. KFG and Seeking Homer would often share the stage at gigs throughout NYC and Hoboken, NJ. Shawn has played in bands and various jams all over the world including places like Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany and of course, the USA.

Dave Szopinski has also been at Bloomberg for 16 years currently facilitates sales training globally. Having lived in London during the 80’s, David’s pursuit of keyboard was driven by the digital underground club hits produced by Stock Aiken Waterman; the top English songwriting and record producing trio of the decade. Having later interned at Rod Argent’s keyboard shop on Denmark Street in London led to his first sampler purchase of the E-MU Emax of which he still owns today. David later adopted the guitar having been inspired by his guitar strumming father and brother.

Tom DeMartino has been playing guitar for over 40 years. He was a member of James Daniel Entertainment for 7 years playing 483 weddings!!! Most recently a member of Pushh out of Charlotte, NC for 4 years. Tom was also the District Winner for Guitar Center’s Best of the Blues contest for 2012. He has been at BBG for two years as a Targeted Specialist for Energy & Commodities.

Dave Szopinski: Bass
Shawn Rudden: Drums
Dave Oberacker: Lead Vocals/Guitar
Tom Demartino: Vocals/Guitar