About Us

Wall Street Rocks is a unique collaboration of employees across the financial, technology and entertainment industry focused on supporting heroic Americans who serve our nation. From brave soldiers deployed around the world who protect our freedoms, to first responders who selflessly venture into dangerous emergency situations here at home, these courageous men and women have our backs every day. And now, Wall Street Rocks has their backs.

Wall Street Rocks will be putting together and hosting entertainment-based fundraising events throughout the year. Events that are designed to bring people together to raise awareness, and most importantly, to raise money for outstanding nonprofit organizations who help our heroes.

The Twist?…These are not your typical fundraising events. At Wall Street Rocks, the events that you can expect to see and hear will be filled with entertainment, from well-known artists and performers to talented musicians and bands who work hard for their firms during the day and then break loose at night, performing and playing in and around the tri-state area.

For Wall Street Rocks and its volunteers, life is not just about spreadsheets and the bottom line. We believe in honoring the brave folks who serve America by giving to the charities that give back to them and their families. Together, we can make a lasting, positive impact on the lives of those who have already given so much to this country.

Our Approach

We believe the most effective approach is to partner with non-profit organizations that have a proven track record in getting help to where it is needed most. Our events benefit organizations such as The Wounded Warriors Project, Reserve Aid and other veteran and first responder charities– organizations that do remarkable and much-needed work on behalf of military veterans, first responders and their families.


Q. What is Wall Street Rocks?

A. Wall Street Rocks is a collaboration of employees from the financial, technology and entertainment industry who are passionate about supporting heroic Americans who serve our nation, such as military veterans, first responders, and relief aid workers. We host energetic entertainment events at which funds are raised to benefit the nonprofit organizations that support these heroes.

Q. Give it to me straight, what do you guys do?

A. 1. We raise funds for the charities that support America’s heroes
2. We host awesome music events
3. Everyone comes together to have a good time for a good cause

Q. Who plays at your events?

A. Wall Street Rocks emerged from a group of people who work on or near Wall Street, who in their spare time perform live music. The future twist– well recognized and known artists playing alongside musicians and bands from all walks of life including Wall Street musicians…

Q. So these bands are mostly business people?

A. Hmmmm…Perhaps they are business people that sit one cube or office away from you…

Q. Who is supporting Wall Street Rocks?

A. Dozens of companies have already made significant contributions to this growing effort. Please see our sponsors/ ‘companies that rock’ on our Sponsors page.
If your company is interested in getting involved, please contact us at info@wallstreetrocks.org

Q. Who benefits from Wall Street Rocks?

A. Everybody!
Wall Street Rocks raises money for charitable organizations that serve our military veterans, first responders and relief aid workers who are on the front lines in times of disaster or danger. Wall Street Rocks is the vehicle for individuals, corporations and communities to come together to thank and support America’s heroes while attending fun events and having a really good time.

Q. Where can I buy tickets?

A. You can purchase tickets by clicking the buy tickets button on our site. Tickets may also be purchased at the event venue site where the current/next event is being held, and at www.eventbrite.com

Q. I’d like to tell my friends about this. How can I help?

A. Thank you, and yes please spread the word! You can link from our home page to our Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter pages or just look for us directly while logged on to all. You can also join our email list by filling in the box on our home page.

Q. My band would like to play at a Wall Street Rocks event. Who do I contact?

A. Click the Audition button on the home page or visit our contact page for more information.