Ian Mellencamp


Ian Mellencamp – From the hip cachet streets of Brooklyn, Ian’s experimental rock style collides the world of punk-blues with a hypnotic concoction of psychedelic vocals and a fiery guitar.   His penchant for electronica is a new way of storytelling and the passion to explore sound first surfaced in his adolescence.  he is self taught on a variety of string to brass instruments, delved into electronic production during high school and studied acoustic analysis and sound in college at IUPUI.   Beyond Mellencamp’s musical talent’s, he fashions styles around the the world, for Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren and the alike.    Ian’s, re-focus on music in this last year has rendered yet released album “In the Land of the Midnight Sun”,  nation wide appearances in media from radio to trade magazines, and stage performances from London to Chicago with a message about music making a difference, especially for heartland causes, including a Farm Aid collaboration with his Uncle John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson and Neil Young.  

“Music is my medicine.” – Ian Mellencamp