DTCC’s OneIT Band was formed in Q4 2017, when the Chief Development Officer needed a novel way to communicate the IT Strategy to the Application Development community.  With their first hit, “Movin’ to the Cloud” (AKA “Livin’ on a Prayer”), our stars were born.  Led by Mark Cucarese on lead vocals and occasional sax, they have rocked multiple corporate functions, including global department Town Halls, division holiday parties, and our own IT Professionals Day celebration.  Joining Mark are Rob Chastain, Nick Allison, and Jeff Nitka on lead guitar, Sal Canzoneri on bass, Justin Negraval and Pete Kelly on keyboards, Chris Walsh on drums, Alex Mahoney on sax, Tommy LaRocca on trumpet, Bea Mitchell on tambourine, and our OneDTCC
Chorus:  Esther Spencer, Lydia Midwood, and Gordie Sands on backup vocals.  They are particularly excited to entertain and interact with participants at our upcoming Take Your Child to Work Day, where they will demonstrate how the arts can be incorporated into your career in
technology.  The OneIT Band is excited and honored to participate in the 9th annual Wall Street Rocks spring concert, as support of our military veterans is a cause that’s extremely important to all of them.