“The AlgoRhythmics” (or “Algos” for short) is an all Credit Suisse Rock & Roll band formed in 2011 and is comprised of a diverse and eclectic group of IT employees. Bringing their passion and wide ranging influences and experiences together, this collective has performed for a number of Credit Suisse charity and social events. Individually, band members have performed at national music festivals, jazz festivals, and a plethora of professional bookings ranging from Off-Broadway to NYC rock clubs. The band is well versed in a variety of 20th century music styles better described as Omni-Pop.

In short, it’s a toe-tapping, intoxicating and intense brew of fun.

The current line-up includes:

Dave “Stealth” Patten – Lead Guitar
“Iceberg” Emmet Murphy – Rhythm Guitar
Aaron “Sniffer” Schnore – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Austin “Guerilla” Fernandes – Bass, Vocals
Sadie “Sniper” Pitzenberger – Vocals
Mark “Shark” Sharfshteyn – Keyboards
Glenn “Dagger” Firester -Drums

The AlgoRhythmics are currently active with planned music events in 2013.