Patty Smyth


Patty Smyth, both with her hit band Scandal and as a solo artist, has always been, at heart, a rock and roll chick, and that’s no truer today for the mother of six, now back on the road and raring to play for fans new and old. If Smyth did nothing but marry New York punk poet Richard Hell (with whom she had her oldest daughter Ruby), then noted tennis punk and commentator John McEnroe (who had three kids of his own and then two more with Patty), that would be amazing enough, but she’s also earned both Oscar and Grammy nominations and recorded a series of hit singles and albums. Scandal burst onto the scene in 1982 with a self-titled debut that turned out to be the best-selling EP in Columbia Records history, featuring the hit single, “Goodbye to You,” a song Smyth co-wrote with original Scandal member Zack Smith. Aside from “Goodbye to You,” a #1 MTV video, Scandal included the hits “Love’s Got a Line on You” and “Win Some, Lose Some” and of course the title track from the group’s first full-length album, The Warrior, released in 1984. The hits continued with “Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough,” a song Patty wrote featuring a performance by Don Henley which became Smyth’s biggest hit ever.

With new songs being recorded for an upcoming release and a Christmas CD, COME ON DECEMBER which was put out in 2015, Smyth is looking forward to a busy new year. As for the current scene, Patty suggests: “I don’t play to a pre-recorded track or have 15 dancers on-stage. There are no smoke and mirrors. We feel that people are yearning for music that’s real. It’s just the four guys and I, out there seriously kicking some ass and having fun.