Benton Blount


A finalist on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”, Benton Blount knows to trust his instincts. Repeatedly through his career, he has moved forward by walking through an open door, even if making that step defied logic at the time. I’ve had to stop wondering why all my dreams seem to keep coming true and moving me forward, Blount says. I’ve learned to trust that singing and writing songs is what I m supposed to do, because every time I focus on my music, new opportunities suddenly present themselves. I know people look at me, with my tattoos and appearance, and they don t think I look like a country singer, he says. When I sing, I have a gruffness to my voice that s different than most country singers too. But when I start to talk, you can hear that I m as country as cornbread. And the songs, with their real-life stories and positive outlook on life, have more in common with country music than anything else. Country music is where I belong!